Azure Weapon

Potent moonshine and blue curacao blended with house made sour mix and muddled lightning-aspected Levin Mint. Served in a tall glass with crushed ice, garnished with mint leaves. Zingy!

Warning: The Azure Lance does not recommend consuming more than one Azure Weapon in a night. We are not responsible for your bad decisions!
Blue Dragoon

Like your drinks a bit more vibrant? This is for you. Coconut rum, blue curacao, pixieberry juice, and simple syrup. Fruity, boozy, sweet, and refreshing.
Ceruleum Tank

Brandy mixed with a spicy honey syrup, cinnamon, and mirror apple juice: an old recipe for keeping warm. We just add an extra kick with a bit of absinthe and fire.
Pucker-Up Whiskey

None of that sweet shit in this one! Fresh lemon juice. orange bitters, fine whiskey. Pucker up, buttercup.
Smoking Barrel

Want to drink light but look cool doing it? The smoking barrel is a mix of Realm Reborn Red wine, a heavy shake of bitters, and sweet vermouth. We drop in some dry ice so you can do neat smoke tricks or something. You do you, cool person.
Tipsy Miqo'te

Mint leaves muddled in sugar and lime juice, shaken with club soda, a shot of vodka and crushed ice, topped with fresh mint. Might make Miqo'te act a little funny after drinking...
Azure Lance Branded Cigarettes

Small-batch cigarettes, each with a smooth, slow burn and smoke that smells of indigo. Sold in singles or packs.
Azure Lance Branded Cigars

A custom high quality blend of rich chocolaty flavors, finely rolled into exquisite cigars. Imported from Horizon and stored in our private humidor.
Loose Tobacco

Fine tobacco sourced by the Azure Lance, offered for purchase and consumption in-house. Hand-carved wood pipes, genuine Doman kiseru, and rolling papers available.

Fogweed cured with fire shards. Available in two strains:

Relaxes your body with a pleasing high.
Causes cloudiness of mind and invokes hunger.

Stimulates the mind with a pleasing high.
Causes clumsiness of body and invokes thirst.

Objective: Obtain a winning hand without breaking past a score of 21!

To start the game, the dealer will make a party to handle rolls and OOC discussion.

In party chat, each player will be ‘dealt’ their opening hand by rolling ‘/dice 13’ twice.

Rolling a 1 grants an Ace, and equals 1 or 11 as needed. A die roll of 11, 12, or 13 is considered a 'face card' (Jack, Queen, and King respectively) and are each worth 10.

Once all the players have rolled, the dealer will roll ‘/dice 13’ once, representing their face-up card.

The dealer will consult players one at a time whether they wish to 'stay' (accepting their current hand) or 'hit' (adding another card to their hand) to get closer to 21 without exceeding.

Once all players are done, the dealer will roll '/dice 13' for their face-down card. If their total is 16 or less, the dealer must hit until they show 17 or greater.

If the dealer 'busts' (goes over 21), or if your total is higher than the dealer’s when they have to stop drawing cards, you win!
Hades Dice

Objective: Take turns rolling dice to eliminate your opponent by avoiding rolling a 1!

To start the round, your dealer will make a party to handle rolls and OOC discussion.

In party chat, each player and the dealer will roll ‘/dice 999’ to determine the turn order and the starting number. The highest number rolled goes first, using the lowest number as the starting point.
Example: V’nhilla, Umbrelle, and P’nchin are playing a round of Hades Dice. V’nhilla rolls 843, Umbrelle rolls 375, and P’nchin rolls 148. V’nhilla will start the round, and roll ‘/dice 148’ to start. Umbrelle will go second, and P’nchin third.

As long as the previous roll isn’t a 1, the next person in the roll order rolls ‘/dice ###’ where that number is what the previous person rolled. Whoever rolls a 1 loses, and is out for the next round.

The remaining players roll '/dice 999' again to start the new round, and continue until only one player remains!
Striple Triad

Objective: Defeat opponents in Triple Triad without losing 3 times, or else you're nude!

The Azure Lance’s own Triple Triad challenge! Players will compete using the ‘Random’ and ‘Roulette’ rules, playing for best of 3 with high stakes!

Each player has three basic items of clothing to wager: tops, bottoms, and shoes—though certain Viera insist the floors are cold and will often wager hairpins or gloves instead of footwear. It’s allowed based on your comfort level.

If you win the match, you get to keep your clothes, but if not… pick one of the three items remaining to remove. Once they’re gone, you’re out of the game; hope you’ve got nothing to hide!

Draws may be solved either by both players removing an article of clothing simultaneously, or by continuing play without any removals. In the event of three back to back Draws, it's recommended to substitute the Roulette rule with Sudden Death—especially in tournament play.

Alternate Rule: If you prefer, you may choose a willing participant to play with you, either by having them engage in cards or suffering the consequences by stripping on your behalf!

Insiders of the
Azure Lance

Want to know who's who among the faces you'll see at the Lance? Look no further! Here you'll find profiles, details, and rumors about our staff and trusted regulars. Want to be listed here? You gotta work for it by making a name for yourself.

Insiders constitute our VIP and have exclusive access to a secret menu of weaponry, tools, potions, poisons, and other illegal contraband. For this reason, only those who are deemed reliable by Azure Lance leaders are granted this recognition.
This is an IC designation only; we love all our guests! This status is simply a 'thank-you' for visiting us regularly, getting involved in plot related RP, and being an overall asset to the FC!

Mouse over each portrait for info and click for personal carrds!

On the Payroll

In the Wings

Azure Lance Dispatch

Wanna use our connections to hire a mercenary? Maybe you've got a special event you'd like to recruit for? Or perhaps you're just interested in what we've got going on as a Company! Whatever way you dice it, you'll find it here, along with a little something extra...

Bounty Board

Calling all bounty hunters! We've got a list of notable offenders on our radar, submitted by our Guests. If you spot one of these yeehaws in the wild, make sure to let them know they're under arrest!

Rumor Mill

NEW This wasn't widely reported among the populace... but for those listening closely to what's happening with the Maelstrom and/or Sharlayan... Reports came in today of a Sharlayan vessel being attacked by pirates out in international waters between Limsa and Sharlayan. Maelstrom ships in the area responded to the S.O.S. as quickly as they could, but by the time they arrived, the pirates had already retreated. The ship itself had a handful of survivors, but its entire cargo hold had been ransacked and looted with very little left behind. Maelstrom are offering a bounty on pirates in the area.

A ship belonging to Kugane local gillionaire, Hatsu Kohei, was rendered a flaming wreckage. The head of the Kohei household is said to be furious with the Sekiseigumi for being too incompetent to protect their own harbor. The transport ship was supposedly carrying a very important shipment for Kohei, though what the shipment was has not been disclosed.

Gossip is spreading among the more magically-inclined that a certain white-haired Xaela's been leaving inquiries at various smithies and collectors' storehouses with something of an expensive shopping list in hand - seems she's got those unnatural eyes of hers set on scooping up as many pieces of zodium, refined adamantite, and flawless alexandrite as they might be willing to part with and that she can afford! But it seems she hasn't found the responses very satisfying ... will anyone be able to supply her demands, and if not, who will she turn to next, and more worryingly: whatever could she need the items for in the first place?

Yakuza from across the sea have been spotted with weaponry in hand that stirs the hornet's nest. Locating the source of this critical error in supply chain will be the first step in divesting the Lance's assets from unworthy hands which would seek vengeance in return if not dealt with carefully.

Whispers of Voidsent activity in the Lance's vicinity have turned to a bestial roar, and a tangible lead to the source of the problem has been captured. With crystalline weaponry to spare and individuals skilled in aetherological affairs, a special team of brilliant (and perhaps unhinged) minds is on the case.

A bounty has been posted for a mysterious thaumaturge in Ul'dah. The bounty comes directly from the Brass Blades who is seeking information on a black-robed woman in a full hood and mask that attacked one of the Blades' stations last night. This individual is wanted alive for questioning.

Separately, in the Ul'dahn underworld, a hit has been put out on this very same figure. While the benefactor of this bounty remains anonymous, the fact that it happened in tandem with the Blades has several 'in the know' types spreading rumors that whoever she is? Must have pissed off the Syndicate pretty bad to get this kind of attention.

Event Calendar

Below you'll find all the current events happening this month. If you're curious about something listed, click on it for more details!

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You've heard the whispered rumors of their hidden repertoire, but now that you've earned the Lance's approval, you're entrusted with the knowledge and access to the forbidden...

Azure Secret Menu

Secret menu items may be purchased and used only by Insiders of the Azure Lance. Anyone who attempts to order from this menu without the correct status will be met with claims of ignorance.Insiders are not permitted to sell or redistribute any item listed here to non-Insiders. Those who do so will have their rank permanently expunged and may be dealt retribution.These precautions are put in place to ensure that nothing the Lance manufactures or distributes ever falls into the wrong hands... again.

Special Orders: Weapons & Tools

The Lance offers custom-made weaponry and tools tailored specifically to meet each client's unique requirements. Some examples include refurbished Magitek devices, aether crystal enhancements, counter measures against eikons or voidsent, and much more.Projects are meant to be close collaborations between the client, Lance leadership, and a designated equipment specialist via communication throughout stages of conception, production, and delivery.


A perfectly-balanced tincture is hard to master, and everyone's body reacts differently!
Once consumed, roll "/random 100". A result of 50 is the "ideal" dosage; treat more or less accordingly!


Available only in small, controlled quantities. Use responsibly, and only as needed; we aren't liable for any resulting bad decisions!

Mouse over each icon for detailed information on usage and side effects!