Malboro Mist Ward 6 Plot 30

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Code of Conduct

By entering The Azure Lance, you hereby agree to abide by the following statements.
Penalties for violations are issued by Management and may be appealed on a case-by-case basis.

Universal Rules

  • FC Management has final authority on Azure Lance grounds

  • Players and characters must both be 21+ to enter the club

  • Acquire OOC consent before taking any action that may offend IC

  • Do not harass other players/characters either IC or OOC

  • Keep overtly sexual and graphic descriptions/behavior in private

  • Lalafells are not permitted to engage in ERP of any kind on site

  • Report activity that violates this code of conduct to a staff member

Out of Character

  • Abide by FFXIV Terms of Service

  • Turn off Emote log messages

  • Hide Weapons & dismiss Minions

  • Do not clip through furniture

  • Minimize OOC talk in public chat

  • Shout/Yell are Staff-only

  • Do not spam Job Actions

  • Limit /dice rolls to Party Chat

In Character

  • Check weapons before entering

  • Leave your prejudices at the door

  • Treat other Guests with respect

  • No pets allowed (for their safety!)

  • Discreet illicit activity is permitted

  • Guests are allowed to use the stage

  • Clubwear preferred, no costumes

  • Graphic behavior must be private

Welcome to the Azure Lance!

We offer multiple outlets to sate your craving for a good time, whether you request a theatrically-crafted cocktail, a thrilling gamble at our game tables, or a private event in one of our expertly decorated rooms. We aim to entertain!

The Lounge

Kick back and relax in a cozy booth while you sample the sights, sounds, and tastes of a night out. If you pay close attention, you may overhear something scandalous... Or perhaps YOU have the hot gossip? Careful, you never know who's listening!

The bars do not charge OOC gil,
but tips are loved & appreciated!

The Casino

Do you enjoy dominating the competition or do you just have extra gil to burn? We're proud to offer the most expansive list of games in Eorzea, and we dare you to try your hand at whichever suits your fancy. The tables are calling your name!

OOC Gil bets are not mandatory
by default and players may opt-in.

The Rooms

Those who desire a break from the crowd or need a moment of privacy are invited to enjoy the sanctity of one of our public FC rooms. We offer a growing selection of settings to fulfill your every want and need, free for everyone to use at will.

Staff who join Guests in FC rooms
may only do so off the clock.

The Casino

Would you like to play a game? Look no further! Stakes may be set by players ahead of time, whether losers forfeit gil, clothing, or anything else. Try to limit your dice rolls to Party Chat with fellow players to avoid chat spam!
Any questions regarding game rules can be directed to a Croupier.

OOC Gil bets are not mandatory by default and players may opt-in upon request.


FFXIV Blackjack

1+ Players & Dealer
Card Game


Bet Your Lucky Numbers

1+ Players & Dealer
Chance Game

Hades Dice


2+ Players
Dice Game

Tops & Bottoms

High-Stakes High/Low

1+ Players & Dealer
Card Game

Save The Queen

Cup & Ball Pursuit

1+ Players & Dealer
Shell Game

Unlucky Sevens

Yahtzee for Sprouts

2+ Players
Dice Game

Seventh Heaven

Body Shot Roulette

2+ Players
Drinking Game

By the Twelve

Never Have I Ever

2+ Players
Drinking Game

Knights of the Round

Kings/Circle of Death

3+ Players
Drinking Game

Striple Triad

Three Losses, You're Naked

2+ Players
Triple Triad Game


Game Objective: Obtain a hand value higher than the dealer's without going over 21.

OOC Gil bets are not mandatory by default and players may opt-in upon request.

  • The game starts with each player rolling /dice 13 twice to represent two cards being drawn. Any card amounting 10-13 is played as a 10, and 1's may be played as 11's if desired.

  • The dealer (who can be an NPC) then rolls /dice 13 to represent one card face up, and one face down. (The face down card is rolled for later.)

  • The first player is then asked if they want to draw another card, called a 'hit.' If they decline, it's called 'staying,' after which the next player takes their turn.

  • Players may continue to hit (by rolling /dice 13) until they either reach a comfortably high number close to 21 or break a total sum of 21, the latter of which is called a 'bust.' Once a player either stays or busts, the next player then has their chance to hit. Tip: Keep in mind, odds are higher that the next card will be worth 10 or greater, so hit on any hand value of 12 or greater with caution. If you bust, you have zero chance of winning. A hand under 21 can still win if the dealer busts!

  • Once all players have drawn their desired cards, the dealer flips their face-down card (by rolling /dice 13) and continues to hit until their visible card total is 17 or higher.

  • If the dealer's total is greater than a player's and 21 or less, the dealer wins versus that player and takes their bet. If the dealer's card total exceeds 21 after they have drawn their final card, then all players at the table who did not bust earlier win.

  • In the event of a tie, in which the total of the dealer's hand matches the total of a player's hand, it is considered a 'push' and no bets are either won or lost.

Hades Dice

Game Objective: Each player who rolls a 1 loses. This game is short and fast-paced!

OOC Gil bets are not mandatory by default and players may opt-in upon request.

  • An even wager is first agreed upon by all players. If playing with gil, it goes in a pot.

  • Each player rolls /dice 999 to determine the roll order of the remainder of the game. The roll order is consecutive from the highest to the lowest roller, (ex. 999-450-221).

  • The highest roller of the first round rolls /dice #, where # is the lowest number from the first round (ex. /dice 221).

  • Each subsequent player rolls /dice #, where # is the result of the previous roll (ex. /dice 221 returns a value of 103, so the next player rolls /dice 103).

  • The game continues until a player rolls a 1, which knocks them out.

  • The next round starts with the remaining players, repeating until only 2 players remain.

  • The game ends with the next roll of 1, and the last player standing wins.


Game Objective: Bet your numbers and win as much as you can before luck runs out!

OOC Gil bets are not mandatory by default and players may opt-in upon request.

  • Place a bet on a set of numbers between 1-36 (min 10g, max 1000g)

  • The dealer spins the roulette ball around the wheel by rolling /dice 37 (where 37=0).

  • Wins are determined and paid out by the dealer according to the multiplier of the number set chosen.

  • Lost bets are traded to the dealer at the end of each roll.

Number SetDescriptionMultiplier
Evens/Odds2, 4, 6/1, 3, 5+........2x
Dozens1st/2nd/3rd 12........3x
Dbl. Street6 Consecutive........6x
Corners4 Numbers........9x
Street3 Consecutive.......12x
SplitAny 2 Numbers.......18x
StraightSingle # incl. 0.......36x

Knights of the Round

Game Objective: Draw cards until they run out, or all players are intoxicated!

  • Players sit in a circle facing each other with a deck of cards in the center and take turns drawing a card in turn order starting with the player with the highest /dice 999 roll.

  • Players roll /dice 13 to determine which 'Knight of the Round' possesses them from the list.

  • Each number may only be drawn 3 times before it is excluded from play the rest of the game.

  1. Zephirin the Just - Intense envy towards the next player overtakes you, and you decide to show your superiority by challenging them to a contest of who can chug a full pint faster. Each duelist rolls /random and the higher roll wins; the difference between the rolls determines how much faster that player was able to chug their drink.

  2. Vellguine of the Stone Spear - You find yourself unable to leave your seat, as if your legs have been turned to stone. You are also now the only player who does not have to follow the King's rule, and may only stand/walk while drinking.

  3. Charibert the Stern - As the spirit of the inquisitor takes you, everything you say until your next card is drawn must be spoken in the form of a question directed at another player. If they respond with another question, you must take a drink.

  4. Grinnaux the Bull - Choose another player. You can't help but disagree with everything they say and insist you are right (even when you're not) until your next card is drawn. Each time you exchange a verbal jab with them, take a drink.

  5. Adelphel the Brightblade - You feel an invigorating urge to rise from your seat and perform an elegant and charming dance for the other players. Take a drink for each person who applauds.

  6. Paulecrain the Coldfire - The player who most recently drew the Grinnaux card (4) becomes your partner until you draw your next card. You drink whenever that player does, and support their arguments with other players.

  7. Haumeric the Valiant - A sense of superiority flows through you, leading you to express unimpressed contempt towards the boorish actions of your peers. Take a drink whenever one of them says or does something ridiculous or foolish.

  8. Guerrique the Cleaver - A rush of pride compels you to arm wrestle the previous player, and the loser has to finish the drink of both players and order a new round. To determine the winner of the match, roll a single round of Hades Dice.

  9. Hermenost the Levinlight - The holy spirit imbues you with the desire to stand and issue an electrifying toast in the name of your chosen Guardian of the Twelve (or other patron). All players must drink with you at the end of your sermon.

  10. Noudenet the Wise - You become obsessed with the first person, place, or thing you hear someone mention after you draw your card, and proceed to discuss it at every opportunity. Every time you say the subject's name, take a drink.

  11. Janlenoux of the Steel Oath - You feel a sudden craving for a delicious snack, and you order a plate for your fellow players. Your drink now tastes as if it pairs perfectly, and you must finish it by the time your next card is drawn.

  12. Ignasse of the Dragon's Tail - With great admiration for your fellow players, exclaim your generosity with pride and order another round of drinks for the table.

  13. King Thordan - Your absolute rule demands that each of the other players (except Vellguine) must obey your every command until the next 13 is drawn. Be reasonable—consent is key!

By the Twelve

Game Objective: Be the last person standing with at least one finger up!

  • To begin, all players obtain a drink and hold up three fingers.

  • All players roll /dice 999 to determine who starts. Highest roll goes first.

  • The player states something they have never done (in-character), for example: "I swear by the Twelve, I've never eaten a Chocobo."

  • If any of the other players have done this act, they take a drink and lower one of their fingers, then move clockwise to the next person.

  • This continues until only one player remains who does not have all three fingers lowered.

  • Optional Rule - Got knocked out before you had your fun? Take a shot every time you lower your third finger, and resume play anew. The more you've done, the drunker you'll get!

Striple Triad

Game Objective: Win as many Triple Triad rounds as possible to keep your clothes on!

  • Players engage in duels of Triple Triad with the Random and Roulette rules. If there are more than two participants, attempt to avoid repeatedly playing versus the same player, or play in a bracket.

  • Each loss of Triple Triad dictates the loss of an article of clothing (usually body, legs, and feet; undress to your comfort level). Once a player loses three pieces of clothing, they're out of the game!

  • Losing players may remain in a state of undress as long as they wish.

  • Optional Rule - If you don't have a great deck or don't want to expose yourself, choose a champion or vassal! (With their consent, of course.) Your champion duels on your behalf, but if they lose, you endure the consequences. Your vassal suffers the outcome instead of you when you lose!

Seventh Heaven

Game Objective: Take body shots off other players 'til you drop!

  • To begin and determine the turn order, all participants roll /dice 999.

  • The player with the highest roll takes a shot off the player with the second-highest roll, according to the following rules.

  • The player having the shot taken off of them rolls /dice 7 and the outcome determines where the shot is taken from (see the table below). The shot glass may be poured or placed on that location.

  • Once the shot is taken, the second player then repeats with the next-highest-rolling player.

  • The process continues until the lowest roller takes their shot off the highest roller from that round. Rounds may continue as long as desired.

Number RolledBody Part
............4Hip Gutter
............6Butt Cleavage
............7Wild (Choice)

Tops & Bottoms

Game Objective: Guess the most head-to-head card totals correctly!

  • The dealer places a set of three cards face-down for the house, and three cards face-down for each player of the game.

  • The dealer flips two of their three cards, displaying them to the party, and each player flips one of their own (using /dice 13 to 'flip' cards).

  • Each player places a bet on whether the total of their own hand will be higher or lower than the dealer's total. A higher hand is called a 'Top.'

  • Once all bets are placed and wagers are noted, the dealer flips their last card and each player flips their two remaining cards.

  • Hand totals are counted by the dealer, then wins & losses are determined.

  • When playing with gil, wins and losses are traded immediately with the dealer after each hand.

Save The Queen

Game Objective: Find (and save) the Queen from her prison!

  • The game starts with the dealer scrambling five cups, hiding a ball (the ‘Queen’) underneath one.

  • Players may then declare their preferred cup and place their bets with the dealer. Bets must be of the same amount and agreed upon between each player at the table.

  • Players may also make ONE side bet with another player who chooses a different cup; to eliminate confusion and maintain the pace of the game, the side bet must match the house bet.

  • The dealer then rolls /dice 5 to reveal the Queen under one of the cups.

  • If the player’s chosen cup matches the dealer’s roll, then that player wins (double with a side bet).

  • If the player's chosen cup doesn't match and they made a side bet with a winning player, they pay out to both the dealer and that player (double loss).

  • If neither the player nor their side bettor choose the correct cup, then they only pay out to the dealer (single loss and tie).

Advanced Rules

  • Double Agent - Feeling lucky? Players may instead choose to randomize the cup they bet upon! When the dealer begins to shuffle the cups, the player can draw a card and place it face-down. Once the dealer has finished shuffling and all bets have been declared, the player then uses /dice 5 to flip their card which determines the cup their bet is on. Watch out! Losing means you’ll owe double your bet, but winning earns you TRIPLE the reward!

  • Gap Closer - Side bets with other players may also win depending on who is closer to the correct cup! If neither cup is the winner, they may decide a victor based on whomever is closer to the resulting position of the Queen with the cups in numerical order from left to right. Ties are nulled.

Unlucky Sevens

Game Objective: Score the most points in the fewest throws of the dice!

  • To begin the game, an even wager is agreed upon by all players. If playing with gil, it goes into a pot.

  • Each player rolls /dice 999 to determine the roll order for the remainder of the game. Play proceeds clockwise from the highest roller (the First Player).

  • The First Player may roll up to three times on their turn, starting with six dice (rolling /dice 6 six times). After each roll, they must remove any sets of dice that add up to a total of seven using the fewest number of dice possible. (Example: If the first roll results in 6, 6, 5, 4, 4, & 1, they must remove the 6 and 1 which add up to 7. This leaves them with 6, 5, 4, and 4.)

  • The numbers on the remaining dice are then totaled together to calculate their score. (In the example above, 6+5+4+4 = 19 points.)

  • The First Player may then choose to roll the remaining dice again to try and get a better score, or pass them to the next person. If the First Player chooses to roll again and obtains another set that totals 7, they must remove those dice as well. (Example: If the next roll results in 4, 4, 2, 1, they must remove the 4, 2, & 1 which add up to 7, leaving them with only 4 points on a single die.)

  • The remaining players must try to beat the First Player’s score in the same number of rolls OR LESS with the same number of dice as they last rolled. The player with the highest score wins!

Public Rooms

The Azure Lance is pleased to offer Guests full access to select rooms lovingly
crafted by members of our FC for private events, at no charge!
If a Guest would like to request any Staff member(s) to accompany them during their booking,
it must take place outside of club hours or Staff will be considered off the clock for salary purposes.
Any personal booking fee and engaged activity is solely at the Staff's discretion and comfort level.
Standard club rules apply to any behavior conducted on FC premises.

Room #2 - Dance/Pool Hall

by Selene Sohleer

.....Fancy a personal stage, billiards table, and private bar with all the drinks you could ever ask for? Look no further than this picturesque room sporting gorgeous lighting and plenty of space to stretch those tired legs. Perfect for taking screenshots on the spot-lit platform, or hiring your favorite performer to entertain you for an evening while you sit back, relax, and enjoy the show.

Room #6 - Trophy Retreat

by Jayce Hellkite

.....The spoils of victory from our member's crowning achievements are on full display in this intimate space, completed by an office, bedroom, and private bath. Best used as an escape from the realities of the outside world, this portal into far-flung adventures will have you and your companions daydreaming (and possibly night-dreaming) about all the stories we have yet to tell. Careful you don't get lost!

Room #7 - Meeting Chamber

by Yrjn Ymir

.....No company can consider itself an official place of business without a dedicated conference room! A sprawling table and extra seating make it easy to conduct any affairs of commerce or industry, and the relaxing azure hues are guaranteed to keep tensions low. Plenty of refreshments are available for all those who need to wet their whistle before calling attention to the topic at hand.

Room #8 - Sweat Lodge

by Checheyigen Malaguld

.....If you've worked up a sweat dancing all night, maybe it's time you took a dip in the Lance's private bath. Ifrit's own flames keep these waters eternally steaming to melt away every Infernal Nail plaguing your sore muscles, while Ramuh's ethereal lightning ward softly illuminates your peaceful getaway. Not that we ever imagined having primals at your back would qualify as 'relaxing'...

Room #10 - Sparring Pit

by Valke Resarie

.....If you prefer fighting over dancing when it comes to sweat- generating activities, then dare to step into the Lance's own practice arena. Need someone to fight? Consider asking if a member of Staff! We just ask that you keep the magic to a minimum, seeing how we don't exactly have a proper insurance policy on the building and wood plus elements doesn't tend to be a constructive combination...

Room #12 - Photo Studio

by Umbrelle Drakyn

.....All those gorgeous pictures of you need to come from somewhere, right? We provide the backdrops and lighting, you provide the talent behind the camera—unless you need that, too. If you would like to book a resident photographer for any screenshot sessions, just ask nicely! We'll send an available and willing staff member your way. And don't worry; we don't bite. Much.

Room #13 - Private Clinic

by Gentle Bellflower

.....Where there are fighters, there are healers. It doesn't matter to us whether you fell and scraped your knee, or if you're gushing ichor from places it shouldn't be; we have the facilities and staff necessary to treat all manner of wounds. Don't mistake our in-house physician for a back-alley chirurgeon, either! Offering soft-spoken words and a soothing touch, he lives up to his namesake—appointments open!

Room #14 - VIP Club Room

by Tyrinel Sovii

.....Sink into the luxurious cushions of this secluded, sensuous hideaway and take in the beauteous sights both on and off stage. This room is the perfect spot to invite a small party of close friends to take turns strutting their stuff, or perhaps you and a special someone could use a night of indulgent self expression. With a dressing room, attendants, and drinks on demand, you can forget your troubles and delve into sin.

Room #19 - Holding Cell

by Velleita Charbonneau

.....Ooooh, you're in trouble if you find yourself locked in this room reserved for hostages persona non grata. Although there are bunk beds, a trough, and a chamber pot, we wouldn't exactly call this space livable, much less comfortable. But if you need someone contained for a short period of time while you settle your disputes with them, we may allow you to borrow it—provided that it's unoccupied!

Staff Members

The goal of our Staff is to facilitate a fun, safe environment and they are expected to be friendly and
welcoming to all Guests. Guests are encouraged to ask any member of Staff for help with their needs.
PC Staff members are listed below, and NPC staff are further down.
Please tip your favorite employee to show your appreciation for all they do!


V'nhilla Bhen

FC & Club Founder • Lead Admin
Public Relations • Resource Manager

As the face of the Lance, Nhilla takes pride in the saucy shenanigans that she and her staff get up to. Her outgoing, flirtatious attitude has proven infectious, but she has a wild mischievous streak as well! When she isn't greeting everyone who walks in the door, she's likely beating the pants off opponents in Striple Triad—literally.

Umbrelle Drakyn

Co-Owner • General Manager
Special Events Coordinator

Self-proclaimed sassy smart-ass, Umbrelle comes equipped with both a loud bark and a mean bite. Still, she is perfectly capable of masking as a polite and respectful individual for the patrons. Those who do weather the sarcastic quips and abrasive attitude have found a loyal friend and a thoughtful lover. Just don't tell anyone.

Bar Staff & Security

Whether it's getting you tipsy or protecting you from unruly shenanigans, these folks have your back!

Gentle Bellflower

Bar Manager • Spirit Singer • Boozy Bunny

Gentle is as his name describes, and his magic mixing has made not just a name for himself as a mixologist and Sharlayan scholar alike, but helped him step up as Bar Manager to bring treats to all patrons. Got any concerns? Pull up a stool and let Gentle offer you a listening ear to go with your drinks. (His are pretty big, after all!)

Checheyigen Malaguld

Head of Security • Red-Headed Steppe Child

Checheyigen Fire-Eyed aims to be better at keeping people happy than she is keeping them at arm's length. She once chased burnout so intently she burnt out her eyes, after all; now she knows to see the world differently. But mind her bark, all the same—her bite's worse.

Koena Itarzoengwyn

Security • Loveable Giant • Gambling Addict

Tall and brooding, this Sea Wolf stands tirelessly on guard to keep the halls of the Lance safe. But... she's also just really nice and shy, so don't hesitate to come say hello! She loves meeting new people and has a severe addiction to gambling with her dice, which are never far from hand.

Reven Ninveh

Security • Majestic Mask • Shy Shield

Though his mask and large frame might give off an intimidating aura, Reven's warm smile reveals his shy, friendly nature. Ever the helpful sort, you can find him doing any number of tasks at the Lance, from providing protection to running a game table upstairs. Rumor has it he's also an expert at giving head-scritches!


Need a little extra fun & sexy in your life? Tap these lovelies to cure the curse of boredom!

Kihra Xeina

Lead Croupier • Legs For Days • Incorrigible Flirt

Easy to spot with her pink hair and distinctive cheek tattoo, this Viera is kind, cheerful and often very flirty. Kihra loves rolanberries and chocolate, and finds as many ways to combine them as she can. Be careful though! If you get too distracted, this beautiful bun just might clean out your purse at the tables!

Volatile Tequila

Lead Host • High-Chaser • Racy Rabbit

If you haven't seen him, you've definitely heard him. Living up to his name, Volatile Tequila is fiery enough to burn a bit but will leave you feeling real good. When he's not losing his shirt at the gaming tables, he's drinking too much at the bar. The racy rabbit's here to bring a shot of passion into your night; careful not to choke!

Lilyana Eventide

Hostess • Reality Denier • Progenitor of Bad Ideas

Most people don’t believe that Lily is a doctor, though you can’t really blame them given the fact that she does most of her consultations dressed as a pirate. The mad alchemist lives in her own version of reality most of the time: a place littered with alligators and evil books. She’s generally friendly and loves meeting new people!

Luna Le'yore

Croupier • Gambling Addict • Mystery Catte

Willing to listen to anything you have to say, Luna's friendly nature raises even more questions about her scarred face; she enjoys helping others feel heard. Ever the gambler, she'll make risky plays just cause she finds it more interesting. Don't get confused; if you hear her loose chuckle, know that she's up to something.

Priscilla Chorus

Hostess • Overly Polite • Probably Drunk

This gloomy Roegadyn often dons a cheerful façade to hide her inner depression. When she's not drunk, she's likely charting maps of the stars or doodling. When at work, however, she shoves all that aside and becomes a sweet and caring listener. Her biggest weakness has always been, and will always be, tall and beautiful women.

Zaithgar Savasi

Host • Teddy Cat • Gentle Giant

Don't let his large stature fool you; he would love nothing more than to sit with you and listen to the stories you have to tell, the woes that you yearn to let out, and the desires you wish to reveal. And yes, he is as soft and fluffy as he looks, plus a great deal cuddlier.

NPC Staff Members

These characters are available 24/7 to meet your RP needs. Keep in mind, they have personality too!

  • Lughfyswyn, the Retainer - The front door bouncer, checking weapons; loves a good fight.

  • S'ecru Tehri, the Melder - The quiet bookkeeper and greeter standing at the front counter.

  • Teesa Djinnt, the Mender - Interior security, frisking newcomers and enforcing rules.

  • D'heela Wynn, the Maidservant - The polite cards dealer with a smile that doesn't reach her eyes.

  • P'nchin Bhag, the Junkmonger - The stone-faced manservant with a high tolerance for snark.


Here you will find a list of our professional partners. We affiliate with organizations and individuals whose goals and ambitions we believe in, and who share our inspiration to make the RP scene a more creative place.Affiliates enjoy exclusive access to collaborative special event planning, a dedicated advertisement channel in the Azure Lance Discord, word-of-mouth promotion by members of our staff, and a role that distinguishes them from other Guests for ease of contact and visibility in Discord.Click on their names to learn more and check them out!


Special Event Venue & RP Community
Mateus Goblet Ward 5 Plot 13
Open every Wednesday 8pm to 9:30pm est

Pub Food & Watering Hole in the Wall
Mateus LavBeds Ward 19, Lily Hills Apt 72
Open every Monday 10pm to 1am est

The Weirdest Tavern in Eorzea
Malboro Lavender Beds Ward 23 Plot 11
Open every Wednesday 11:30pm to 2am EST

Supernatural Creatures Neutral Ground
Malboro Empyreum Ward 16 Plot 42
Open every Thursday 8:30pm to 11:30pm est

Allagan Dive Bar & Info Brokerage
Mateus Mist Ward 21 Plot 59
Open every Tuesday 10pm to 1am est

Artist Fellowship and Art Parties
Owner Portfolio -
Contact via Discord - LadyValiant#1333

The Azure Free Company

The organization that started it all! The Azure Lance evolved from a rag-tag gang of ne'er-do-wells into a sprawling network of agents with questionable talents seeking to skirt the law and exercise the truest form of freedom: being able to do what they want, when they want, and take whatever they want.The FC's main focus is roleplay, but we don't exclude people who are new to RP. We welcome anyone 21+ who also enjoys casual gaming, farming for mounts, raiding current content, crafting & gathering, glamming, screenshots, home décor...and so much more. Not to mention, we are also supportive and welcoming of all LGBTQIA+ and POC gamers, and endeavor to offer a safe space for anyone to peacefully enjoy this wonderful hobby of ours.Learn more about us below and consider putting in an application!

Our Mission Statement

as quoted by Umbrelle Drakyn, Co-Leader and Chief Operations Officer

The Azure Lance, as a venue, has always promoted itself as a haven for the eccentric, the downtrodden, and all of those who walk a less-than-straight path of life. We tell people to leave their judgements, prejudices, and (as best they can) their worries at the door. Once a week people can come in and forget about the stress of the week, the horrors of the world, their fears of fitting in. Indulge in the things in life that make you happy, as long as you aren’t treading on other’s lives.Why is that reserved for a few hours a week? What if we could make a bigger dent against what held others down, offer a place of belonging for the unique, and carve out a way of life that suits us best?The Azure Lance, as a Free Company, has acquired their nest egg of resources and we are ready to pivot our course from just surviving to promoting the way of life we believe in.We have always lived below the law. Those who make the rules and policies rarely have the best interest of our ilk in mind. Living outside of the law without rubbing elbows with the criminal underground from time to time is difficult. We will not shy away from activities and associates that some may consider improper, illegal, or devious. But we do not tread on the lives of others. We do not support those who prey on the poor and weak. We are not without morals, but they are our morals.We will keep our heads above the darker corners of the underground. Activities that involve trafficking of people, exploitation of the powerless, or abuse of the innocent are to be detested and we believe those that carry out such things are best not existing anymore.We will continue to work both above board, with the club and its related businesses, and below board with more covert activities. Money made from covert activities helps to fund our more public efforts: housing and shelter, protection, the club, charity, influence.Careful consideration is given to all we deal in and who we deal with and to what ends it goes to. If there is a question as to whether justice should be dealt out we decide if, and how.Above all else? We protect our own. The Azure Lance is a family to those without.